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The #1 Mistake Criminal Defendants Make

The #1 mistake that people accused of a crime make is pleading guilty when they can beat the case.

I get the same call every week–a person who accepted a plea bargain and now regrets it: “I was innocent but my lawyer said to take Deferred Adjudication and the case would not show up on my record after six months. Now, I cannot get a job.”

Or: “I was innocent but my lawyer told me to take credit for time served and be done with the case.”


Protect Your Future

Finishing a deferred adjudication does not automatically seal your record. In some instances, a deferred adjudication can never be sealed. Taking credit for time served results in a conviction that can never be removed from your record.

If you are accused of a crime, hire a good lawyer and fight your case.  Charges are dismissed every day.

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