General Law

Interactive Quiz: Do You Know Your Constitutional Rights?

This quiz was written by Criminal Defense Attorney Fred Dahr and published in the Texas Bar Journal.

With criminal justice issues in the news daily, you might be under the impression that you have a good grasp on your basic constitutional rights. But the reality might surprise you. Take a minute to test the accuracy of what you think you know, and dedicate the facts to memory.

Additional advice for dealing with police officers:

  • Always be polite to law enforcement but do not be intimidated.
  • When driving, obey all traffic laws including making sure your registration is up to date. Traffic offenses are usually the way police begin a detention that leads to criminal charges.
  • Never agree to a search of your person, vehicle, or home.
  • Never agree to answer any questions without consulting a lawyer.
  • Ask “Am I free to leave?” if detained.
  • If you are nervous or cannot remember what to do, politely ask for an attorney and say nothing else.
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