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My name is Fred Dahr, and I am a Houston-based criminal defense lawyer. I practice in Harris County and throughout the state of Texas. I handle misdemeanors and felonies in state and federal court as well as Appeals, Habeas Corpus, and Clearing Record Cases.

I provide thorough, effective criminal defense as demonstrated by my 2010-2014 Criminal Defense Case Results and Client Testimonials.

Texas is tough on crime. When you are charged with a crime in Texas, you need a Houston criminal defense attorney who is experienced, dedicated and aggressive.  You will face strict laws and a prosecutor paid to convict you. I can help you because I am:

  • Thorough—too many criminal lawyers take the arresting officer’s police report as the truth. I investigate, examine, and challenge the state’s evidence.
  • Knowledgeable—I hold two advanced degrees from two of the best schools in the nation. I am current on criminal law and use my knowledge to develop legal defenses and properly advise you.
  • Aggressive—I will find any basis to try to win your case.
  • Accessible—I am easy to reach by phone or email. I will explain difficult legal concepts so that you understand them.

Results From This Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston

Actions speak louder than words – feel free to read my Recent Criminal Case Results.

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Knowledge of Texas Criminal Law

Rather than blog about my personal opinions, this site contains informative articles that demonstrate my knowledge about Texas Criminal Law.

If you are new to the criminal justice system, I recommend reading my Guide to Texas Criminal Cases and the #1 Mistake Defendants Make. Considering plea bargaining? Please see Warnings About Pleas. There is a detailed explanation about Deferred Adjudication and Regular Probation. Finally, the Clearing Your Record page contains information for people interested in sealing or expunging their criminal history.

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If you hire me, I will vigorously represent your interests as I help you navigate the criminal justice system. I will do my best to provide the best outcome for you.

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Houston, Texas-based criminal lawyer Fred Dahr defends clients in Houston, Harris County and throughout the State of Texas. If you have been accused of a crime, Contact Fred Dahr by calling (713) 487-7575 for a free consultation on your case. You can also follow Fred Dahr on Google.